FreeRider SEN HID Wirefree Bluetooth Joystick

Bluetooth joystickThe Portset FreeRider SEN Wirefree Bluetooth Joystick provides the ability to simulate a mouse from a 4 way switch with the addition of 3 additional switch inputs. These additional switches offer right and left click and a toggled highlighter for drag and drop. The Bluetooth Joystick also incorporates the facility of quick flick left and right to provide mouse clicks.  This feature can be selected or disabled via a rear control switch.

The mouse action uses a speed control algorithm which detects the time that a switch is held in a particular direction to change the mouse cursor speed.

The wirefree system employs the Bluetooth protocol with the application of using a unique device address system.Wirefree Joystick
The Bluetooth Joystick is supplied with a special programme dongle as shown which ensures the unique pairing thus ensuring that devices do not interfere with each other in a classroom or workplace.

The Joystick has an internal Lithium-ion rechargeable battery providing hours of operation.

Indicators are provided for Bluetooth connectivity, battery charging and battery level.
Works with all versions of Microsoft Windows and selected tablets.

The Wirefree Bluetooth Joystick is ideal for use with AAC (Alternative and Augmentative Communication) applications.

Can be tailored to fit training room situations where it can be built-in to student desktops.

Dimensions:  ABS case width 12cm, depth 18cm, front height 2.5cm rear height 7cm.
Battery: Lithium-Ion 1A 3.7Volt.
Charging connection:  micro USB Charging current 200mA.
Rear panel switch connections 3.5mm mono sockets.

Price: £262.00

Portset Systems Ltd reserves the right to change the specification of its products without notice.
Portset is a registered trademark.

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