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Refurbished Portset Document Reader.

A previous version in good working order as a recondition product.

Price £600 excluding VAT including delivery.

As a disabled person please download and complete the VAT exemption

form for our popular Document Reader and we will call you to arrange payment and delivery.

Refurbished Portset Document Reader.

After completing the VAT exemption form please complete sign and sending it to us.

6 months return to base warranty.

Portset Digital Media Centre

The Portset Digital Media Centre provides the Freeview digital television and radio channels in an accessible solution. Designed for the visually impaired it provides voiced guidance and feedback with high quality speech.


For the first time it is now possible for partially sighted and blind users to obtain the full benefits of the new digital television service.

The Digital Media Centre standalone system unit incorporates front facing stereo speakers, master volume control and contrasting key controls. Connection of a suitable external aerial is all that is needed to receive the digital service.

An integral CD/DVD drive allows playing of audio CD’s, MP3, Daisy format and audio books. Options provide for playing DVD’s with or without audio described material.

The Portset Digital Media Centre provides the following capabilities for Freeview programs:

  • New User introduction audio instructions.
  • Automatic tuning of all broadcast stations at installation.
  • Finds and advises of new channels.
  • Provides Audio Description of broadcasts.
  • 7 Day program guide selectable by channel, day and time.
  • 7 day listing of audio described programs.
  • Now and next program information.
  • Pause and resume any live broadcast.
  • Record and playback of programs with internal Hard Drive* approximately 100hrs**.
  • Selection of channels by their spoken name or by their channel number.
  • Independent volume control of broadcast audio, audio description and speech system for each channel.
  • Identification of encrypted channels and off-air broadcasts.
  • Separation of Television and Radio broadcasts.
  • CD audio and MP3 together with Daisy format players.

The Portset Digital Media Centre measures 37cm wide, 10cm high and 27cm deep. The front panel incorporates a user control key unit, dual speakers, rotary master volume control, CD slot player, personal headphone connector and power on switch. The rear panel has aerial in, audio phono output and a power connector.

The CD player will play audio music CD’s, MP3, Daisy format talking books products and audio books. Book-marking of Daisy books is automatically provided and offered to the user at the next reading.

As with all of Portset’s assessable products they will be up-datable either by the supply of a special up-date CD or for hardware options our collect and return service.

These models do not provide video output and as such are license free.

** Recording capacity variable by channel and program content.

Portset reserves the right to change the Digital Media Centre specification at any time without notice.





Product Information


Text Reader for Visually Impaired

text reader


Personal Document-Text Reader for Visually Impaired People

  • The ideal Text Reader in a compact table model for any visually impaired person.
  • Value product with high quality British English speech.
  • Includes Portset’s Super Voice, Jane.
  • Designed as a domestic product for any non-computer user.
  • Not only will the Portset Document Reader speak your letters in privacy, but can read books, magazines, bills etc.
  • You can even retain the documents you read in the internal store or save to a USB memory stick in either text or MP3.
  • You can adjust the voices, copy documents, read both page and column documents.
  • Simple 12 keypad gives you all the facilities and allows you to read line by line, word by word or spell any letter plus a lots, lots more.
  • Integral loudspeaker and headphone supplied for that very personal reading.
  • Manual volume control.
  • Very easy to use with voiced information that guides you through all the functions and controls.

text reader for visually impaired

The Portset text reader comes to you from the inventors of the acclaimed Talking Teletext, and the only accessible Digital Freeview Television receiver. You can depend on Portset to produce quality products for the blind. 12 months guarantee including any updates. Extended warranties available.personal document reader

Advances in text recognition technology combined with Portset’s high quality speech synthesis now makes document text reading a simple task. Portset’s speech engine gives a voice of high clarity, precision and the intelligence that is necessary for such an application.

Portset has ensured that the text reader machine is simple to operate and provides features to suit a wide range of users and uses.

Portset has designed its text reader software to meet the following performance criteria:

  1. Small size of only 47cm by 26cm by 12cm deep. (18.5 x 10.5 x 4.5 inches) and weighing under 6kgs (12 lbs)
  2. The human quality speaking voice can be changed in speed of both the text voice and the reading voice separtly.
  3. A page size up to A4 (28 x 20 cm) with a font as fine as 8point can be read.
  4. Page orientation on the text reader bed is not important.
  5. Pages can be stored for reference in the text reader itself or by text copy or MP3 to a USB Pen Drive or memory stick.
  6. Speaking can be of the current document, from pages held in memory, or from text copy or MP3 on a USB pen drive.
  7. Speaking can be ‘entire page’ or of text between start and finish points selected by cursor control.
  8. The user can request repeat speaking of indistinct lines or words, or text spelling.
  9. Speaking can be paused, allowing for speaking resumption or stopped to allow a change in selection.
  10. The user can ‘scan’ forwards or backwards through a document.
  11. There is volume control for speech output which can be to the integral loudspeaker or headphone jack socket.
European and American Languages available.





Product Information
VAT Exemption Form
Order Form
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