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Portset Systems has been engaged in the creation and design of SEN products for 30 years.
Portset has provided SEN products to users in the UK as well as Internationally.

FreeRider 4 Switch iPAD Interface


The FreeRider-IPAD4 is a switch access interface device to provide for switch input to iPads and iPhones.

Using the Bluetooth communications between your device and the FreeRider interface you are able to switch control AAC applications as well as control your device.



The FreeRider iPAD Interface Unit incorporates a integral lithium ion battery which is charged via the USB connector using the supplied USB lead. Whilst charging the charging lamp is illuminated blue, when the charge is complete the lamp is extinguished. In use the FreeRider unit monitors the battery charge and when  a recharge is required the unit will give a short beep sound and flash the low battery lamp.

Connecting to the iPad Bluetooth connection is indicated by the ON/Connected lamp changing from flashing red to steady green.

You can connect up to 4 switches to your FreeRider. Each switch corresponds to a keyboard key as is listed in the table below.

Switch Key

ipadswitch4Switch with iPad and FreeRider interface device


From version  IOS7 operating system a facility in the setting menu was included for switch access.

Select the switch access menu and configure the switch control you need by remapping the FreeRider Interface switch actions to the ones you want to use in the iPad.

  • Dimensions: ABS case 111 x 75 x 25mm.
  • Battery: Lithium Ion 1A 3.7Volt.
  • Charging connection: micro USB Charging current: 200mA.
  • Illuminated indicators for Bluetooth connection, battery charging and low battery with additional audio tone warning.

Price: £149.00


Product Information
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iPad, iPhone, Android tablet or phone Wheelchair or Scooter USB Auto Charger

Wheelchair-USB-ChargerEven the most hi-tech assistive technology can rapidly become useless to a disabled person if the batteries are allowed to run down – it is a problem that many wheelchair and scooter users regularly experience if they don’t have the manual dexterity to plug a device into a re-charging unit that may be inaccessible or difficult to connect to.

Portset tackled this problem head-on, realising that each wheelchair or scooter already has a 24 volt high capacity power supply built in.

Braille Keyboard demo on YouTube with iPad YouTube Video

The Portset’s FreeRider Auto connect intelligent charger identifies the device to be charged and provides the correct charging cycle direct from your wheelchair or scooter reducing the 24 volt power of the wheelchair to the 5 volt device charging requirement.

The Portset FreeRider wheelchair USB charger is a device which simply connects to the standard wheelchair or scooter power connector and converts the 24 volts to the lower, regulated voltage required to provide charging power to smartphones, satnavs and other types of portable technology.

Devices can be charged and powered from this unit whilst on the move, thereby always maintaining full power.

Safety is always a prime consideration with Portset assistive technology products, and the USB charger uses current limiting circuits and is fully protected against short circuits.

wheelchair new

  • Dimensions: ABS case with integral USB A socket 40 x 40 x 20mm, 0.5m lead to XLR plug.
  • Input current at 24Volts =200mA for output: 5V 800mA.
  • Resettable current overload.

Price: £45.00

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Portset Systems Ltd reserves the right to change the specification of its products without notice. Portset is a registered trademark.