Wheelchair charging solution

Wheelchair charging solution for connected IT devices

 With the design of Portset’s Special Needs products to remove the student from being tethered between the wheelchair and the IT equipment a device charger was designed.

 Portset realised that it is important that users don’t ever run out of power for their devices, so have developed a special easy to use Portset charger unit which converts the 24 volt supply of the wheelchair to 5 volts, presented via a micro USB socket as used on conventional chargers for the Portset devices as well tablets and phones.

Wheelchair-USB-ChargerWith the wide range of charging leads available for any tablet including iPads,iPhone, Androids, Kindle, smartphones, satnav which expect to be charged via a USB connector.

 The Portset Wheelchair charger is an ideal partner for the Portset Bluetooth 4 Switch, an interface to connect SEN switches without wires connecting to a PC as well as The Portset USB to Bluetooth convertor, This USB input device allows existing SEN devices to wireless connect to a PC thereby removing the tether.

 The products have been developed with funding from the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills and the UK Technology Strategy Board through the Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) competition and managed by JISC TechDis.

 Users comment:

 “Wheelchair power chargers are great. I have used them on our test wheelchair successfully and will be seeing a student who uses an iPad as a communication device tomorrow. I am looking at installing it for long term trial.”  Treloar College.


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